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        Huai'an Huayuan Chemical Co.,Ltd.
        Electronic grade Phosphorus oxychloride
        Product name: Phosphorus oxychloride
        Alias: Phosphonic acid; hydrogen phosphonate; phosphorus(+3) trihydride cation trihydroxide; Orthophosphorus; Orthophosphorous acid; Ortho-Phosphorous acid
        English name: Phosphorus oxychloride
        Molecular formula: POCl3
        Molecular weight: 153.33
        Major component: Phosphorus oxychloride
        CAS NO.: 10025-87-3
        Properties: Colorless fuming liquid with irritating odor. Relative density is 1.675, melting point is 2℃, boiling point is 105.3℃. Soluble in chlorine or phosphorus pentachloride and turns reddish yellow. It gives off a lot of heat and hydrochloric acid gas in contact with water and alcohol.
        Toxicity protection: Gases volatilized from phosphorus oxychloride are toxic, irritant and corrosive. They are irritating to mucosa, and can cause eye pain, dry cough, dyspnea, trachitis, cardiac insufficiency, severe anemia, hepatomegaly, and other symptoms. The maximum allowable concentration is 0.05mg/m3. The operator shall wear protective equipment and filtered gas mask to protect skin and eyes.
        Uses: High-purity phosphorus oxychloride is one of the main raw materials for producing high-purity silica fiber, is main dopant in chip manufacturing. It is mainly used in diffusion and doping process in producing integrated circuit, solar cell and electronic component. In addition, it is necessary chemical for producing integrated circuit, and it is widely used in photovoltaic and IC industries.
        Packing, storage and transportation: Dry round quartz bottle with specifications of 500ml/bottle, 600ml/bottle, 1000ml/bottle, 1500ml/bottle. The gap between bottle and frame is filled with pearl sponge. Clear marking such as "toxic" and "corrosive" for the package is necessary. It is class A inorganic corrosive acid corrosive matter, and IMDG code is GB 8.1 category 81040. Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse. To protect from heat and fire sources. Separate from inflammable and deliquescent substance. To protect from rain and sunlight during transportation.

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